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Meiya Air Travel Ltd (followed as “Meiya Air” or “Company”) is the type-A general aviation company approved by State Administration of Industry and Commerce(SAIC) and Civil Aviation Administration of China(CAAC), Company was allowed to set up on Sep.28,2011,got 《General aviation business license》issued by CAAC on Sep.18,2012 and have successfully passed the CCAR-91 land and water supplemental operational certifications in respectively on Dec.28,2012 and May.9,2012. Therefore, Company become the first seaplane operator in according with CAAC regulations in mainland China.

Currently Company business scope covers Rental flight, Charter Flight, Official Flight, Aircraft Hosting, Aerial Prospecting, Aerial Photography, Marine Monitoring, and Aerial Inspections. It is the first professional tourist airlines which is specially focus its business on offering seaplanes and amphibians transportation and travel services.

The company is established by Meiya Holdings Company, Urban Construction Investment of Sanya Co., Ltd and Leke(Beijing Investment Management),which take 70%,25% and 5% respectively with registered capital of RMB 100 million.

The company is headquartered in the China International Tourism Island - Sanya, Hainan Province. Based on Sanya, it provides tourism service to the whole island of Hainan. In the future, the company will also set up a base of operations in other coastal and inland cities to carry out the Xisha, coastal islands and inland lakes tourist transport services and flight operations service within the operating scope.